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The outbreak of COVID-19 may be very stressful. Fear, stress, anxiety, worries, uncertainty shifts one's ground. You are invited to contact us and we will set our online secured Telehealth appointment


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We are an online caring practice that offers individual, couple and family psychotherapy to help with emotional issues and mental distress. Our practice is suitable for children, teens and adults.


In our practice, personal difficulties are understood as part of a broader social and cultural co-created ecosystem. Our approach is interdisciplinary and integrates psychological counseling with creative expressions.


Our office is a welcoming, private and personal space in which clients are offered various modes of communication in order to explore their feelings, thoughts and relationships.  

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Not Insured Self Pay  $150.00 

We also offer sliding scale 

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Verbal and Creative Modalities

  •       Talk Therapy

  •       Play Therapy

  •       Sand - Tray Therapy

  •       Art Therapy 

  •       Pictorial  Cards

  •       Puppet Play

  •       Story Writings 

  •       Relaxation

  •       Guided Imagery 

Counseling Gestalt  Art Therapies Services provides an intimate psychotherapy in an office /studio space. Dafna's background allows her to Integrate different psychotherapy approaches alongside creative expression.

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Dafna Rehavia Hanauer, Ph.D. ATR-BC. LPC

Dafna  is a multicultural  experienced professional counselor and art psychotherapist who uses creative arts in her clinical practice alongside talk therapy. Her creative practice may include the use of art materials, sand tray, pictorial cards, guided imagery, play and gestalt experiential techniques. Dafna is a practicing therapist since 1994, specializes in treating women's issues, migration and outcome of relocation and eating disorders. She has worked in hospitals and private settings with different populations including children and adolescents suffering from severe emotional difficulties such as: psychosis, personality disorders, autism spectrum, women with gender/identity issues,anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating, sexual abuse, motherhood / fatherhood struggles, family and adolescents with relationships issues, transition and loss as part of life, effect of migration, and emotional / behavioral distress.

Dafna provides supervision for art therapists.
Dafna's Ph.D. is from University of Derby, UK. Her dissertation in the field of Therapeutic Arts, Psychology and Cultural Studies dealing with disciplinary approach of psychiatry and art therapy with women who self starve. Her thesis is a critical feminist analysis of the disciplines approaches.
Dafna's MA is from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Her thesis dealt with the treatment of anorexia nervosa. her research found six main conflicts that the sufferers deal with.  She has taught in college on Women Studies and Art Therapy program in the US and in Israel.
Dafna continued her education In Pittsburgh GESTALT Institute and expanded her therapeutic methods. The Gestalt uses holistic, existential and experiential therapeutic approach.
Dafna integrates verbal and nonverbal art psychotherapy and emphasizes a socio-cultural gendered approach that focuses on the individual's experiences within her or his environment and the individual strengths .

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Blue Cross blue Shield
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Self pay $ 150.00 , and slidingscale                

                      דפנה רחביה מציעה תמיכה ופסיכותראפיה בעברית ואנגלית                     

Eating Disorders


Eating Disorders


Object Relations Approach

Cultural Approach



Identifying conflicts of anorexia nervosas manifested in the art therapy process               

Dafna Rehavia-Hanauer, Ph.D 


While working as an art therapist treating patients who suffered from anorexia in an in-patient Eating Disorder Department at a major medical center in Israel, I became aware of a wide range of issues that arose within my art therapy sessions. Although, the eating disorder of anorexia nervosa has been explored extensively and a variety of psychological explanations have been proposed, the perspective taken by these theories did not seem to address directly the art therapy process for the patients with whom I was involved. As we know, anorexia nervosa is a multifaceted disorder. Over the years of my work as an art therapist, I realized that there was a need to provide a fuller understanding of the phenomenon of anorexia nervosa and the way it manifests itself through art work and from an art therapy perspective. Which gives an in depth view of underlying issues that affect the disorder. The goal of this research is to follow the central themes that arose in art and the art therapy process while working with patients who suffer of anorexia . As proposed by Schaverien (1994), art and art therapy may symbolically replace food in the negotiation of the underlying causes of anorexia nervosa. As I followed the themes that emerged in the art therapy process I was involved with, I found that my patients were trapped in a pattern of conflicting themes. I therefore chose to focus on these conflicts directly. 


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Identifying conflicts of anorexia nervosa as manifested in the art therapy process

Dafna Rehavia-Hanauer


Article in Clinical Art Therapy Journal

Repositioning Art Work from Patients Suffering from Anorexia Nervosa in a Gendered, Socio-Cultural Context: A Self-Reflective Study

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